Welcome to the Greater Bay Area Events home.
Our Greater Bay Area organization is an alliance
of local ACN Leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area and Nevada.

Weekly Recurring Overview & Training Events

Disclaimer: All events (i.e. - dates, times, venues, and additional details) subject to change.

Please contact your upline RVP/SVP or [email protected] for additional details

Fresno, CA

For information please contact 

RD Mr. Chris King - (559) 972-2391

Monterey, CA

For information please contact:

RVP Mrs. Jocelyn Driskill - (831) 970-5581


Reno, Nevada
Centre of Excellence

Weekly Business Opportunity Meeting, 

Thursday @ 7:00 pm  and Saturday Training @ 9:45 am

Wells Fargo Building, 4th Floor

200 S Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89501  www.centerofexcellencereno.com 

For more information please contact
RD Mr. Gabriel Rosas - (775) 787-2293

Sacramento, CA

Weekly Business Opportunity Meeting

1812 Tribute Road, Suite D, Sacramento, CA  95815


For more information please contact 

RVP Brad and Keri Roeder - (530) 305-2020

San Francisco, CA

Weekly Business Opportunity Meeting, Thursday 7:00 pm

Saturday Training 9:45 am 

The Towers @ Embarcadero - Entertainment Room - 3rd Floor

88 King Street, San Francisco, CA  94107

Mr. Anwar Douglas at 314-448-9082

RD Ms. Pri Rijal and RD Mr. Juan Ruan

Castro Valley, CA
Weekly Saturday Training - Location varies
(check our Weekly Events TAB)

For more information please contact 

RVP Mr. Matt Seever - (510) 363-7295